Our mission



was formed in 2011 to provide next generation solutions to our health care challenges, using the power of digital technologies.  Our vision builds on the concept of “connected health” – integrating all the information from monitoring devices, lab tests, physicians, care providers, pharmacies, etc. supporting a patient’s health and fitness.  This will make our health care efforts more effective and more efficient.  This concept places the patient/consumer at the center of their health network. .

To improve health and wellness by providing health information products and services of superior value through a better understanding of the needs of our customers and their families, health care providers and insurers.

Our Background

Novel device used for health and fitness monitoring that captures full body 3D digital scans of patients in seconds and uploads these to a cloud computer for storage, analysis and distribution.  The 3D body image can be viewed on a computer, tablet or smart phone as a human avatar for tracking body metrics and fitness dashboarding.  

We have assembled a team of highly experienced professionals to address these challenges. Collectively, we have decades of experience in healthcare R&D, medical devices, health records management, IT, health care delivery, customer service and communications.

We are currently focused on improving the utility and value connected devices and health information -- the nexus for health care communications.